Power-Flex' three main activities comprise of:

Production and sale of industrial clamps for hoses, pipes etc.

Power-Flex manufactures various clamps with both one and two screws in a range of various widths. Power-Flex is one of the main manufacturers of industrial hose clamps, which we sell worldwide via leading wholesalers.

Production and sales of industrial clips for ducting systems, vacuum systems, etc.

This part of our production line includes clamps with various profiles for the assembling of for instance ventilation and other ducting systems. Furthermore Power-Flex manufactures several different clamps with specially made profiles to match the specific need of our customer. These clamps may be used for assembling systems that need to be taken apart when cleaning, when changing the insides or for other purposes. We sell either directly to the ducting manufacturer or via wholesale distributors.

Production and sales of accessories for oil tanks etc.

These goods (shown on the danish pages) are sold via wholesalers. The product line includes agency goods from leading manufacturers abroad e.g. AFRISO EURO-INDEX (WWW.AFRISO.DE), whom we represent in Denmark, as well as our own products. For any further information or quotes, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please note however, that these products are mainly directed to the Danish market.

Further, we are at your disposal with advice and proposals for the products in the different ranges.